Video: Coles Ribbon Microphone Shootout

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Coles has a versatile lineup of ribbon microphones. In this video we examine the tonal qualities of the 4038, the 4040, and the new 4030L and compare them directly on drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, female vocals and grand piano. … More

Video: Cedar DNS Dialog Noise Supressors

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CEDAR Audio’s Clive Osborn demonstrates their line of Dialog Noise Supressors. CEDAR Audio is the world’s only company dedicated solely to audio restoration and speech enhancement for film, post, TV and radio broadcast, CD and DVD mastering, libraries and archives, … More

Video: DACS FREQue II Effects Processor

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Dr. Doherty demonstrates some of the sounds possible with the FREQue II Analogue Effects Processor from DACS. The FREQue II (pronounced FREAK) sports two ring modulators and two oscillators with external CV inputs which work concurrently with the internal variable … More

Video: DACS Clarity MicAmp 2 mic pre

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Michael from DACS Audio demonstrates their flagship DACS Clarity MicAmp 2 microphone preamp. Designed for both broadcast and studio applications, the Clarity MicAmp 2 is a versatile preamp, well-suited for acoustic instruments, drum overheads, and particularly vocals.

Video: Thermionic Culture Solo Vulture Distorter

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Live in the studio, Joe Johnson of Independent Audio demos the Thermionic Culture Solo Vulture Distorter. The Solo Vulture must not be thought of as just 1/2 of a standard Culture Vulture, as it has special extra features, including 2 … More

Introducing Merging Technologies Horus 24-Channel A/D/A Converter

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Horus might be one of the worlds most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s. Horus might also be one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market. Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analogue/AES/MADI interconnectivity in … More

Video: Merging Technologies Horus 24-Channel A/D/A Converter

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Live from AES 2011, Dennis Gaines from Merging Technologies introduces Horus: a new 24 channel AD/DA converter. Horus connects to Pyramix workstations over Ravenna, an IP-based audio transport.

Video: Audio Developments AD071 Location/DSLR Mixer

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Live from the floor of AES 2011 in NYC, Independent Audio President Fraser Jones Introduces the Audio Developments AD071 Location/DSLR Mixer. The AD071 provides flexible, high quality sound for DSLR users.

Video: Bob Ludwig Talks Pyramix

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In a recent interview, Mastering guru Bob Ludwig talks about the Pyramix system and how it fits in the workflow at Gateway Mastering in Portland ME.